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Go Fish’n Online started with just selling fresh yellowfin tuna caught locally and then expanded to a variety of ethically sourced quality freshly frozen seafoods.

The Fresh fish that is caught is yellowfin tuna. All of our yellowfin tuna is sustainably caught using a method called poling or line. To read more about poling click here.

We also supply some restaurants around Cape Town with fresh yellowfin tuna.

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The idea behind Go Fish’n Online is to have an online space where people can literally “Go Fish’n Online” and place their orders to satisfy all their seafood needs being fresh or freshly frozen.

A benefit of ordering your fish through Go Fish’n Online is knowing you will either get it the same day or the next day, there is a quick turnaround time with deliveries. And the fresh fish is delivered to you within 24-48 hours of catching it.

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Yellowfin tuna is delicious to be eaten in a poke bowl, or as sashimi, or to make your own sushi, or seared tuna steaks.

We always encourage our clients to share their fish dishes, because they are amazing chefs and to share their recipes with us so we can post it on our social media pages and website.

It is great because it encourages others to see what fish dishes they can also make right in their own home.

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Keira Owner of Go Fish'n Online

Keira Chanel d’Aguiar

Creator of Go Fish’n Online
Peter-John Skipper and Fisherman

Peter-John d’Aguiar

Skipper and Fisherman
Mike Russon Boat Owner

Mike Russon

Boat Owner and Fisherman

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