How To Cook Calamari

I always thought Calamari was something I could never cook myself at home and had only ever tried it in restaurants. However, for the first time I decided to cook my own, and it turned out to be so easy and tasted exactly how I liked it ordering it from the restaurant.

In doing a bit of research I came to find that it is better to buy it frozen. It is flash-frozen at sea, when buying it frozen you still get the same nutrients and health benefits. And you know that it hasn’t been lying dead for a while accumulating any histamine.

Another tip I came across when buying calamari, is to rather buy more as it can be quite deceiving when it is defrosted due its soft body and possibly becoming smaller when it is being cooked.

There are quite a few ways you can cook it by grilling it, frying it, stuffing it, or slow-cooking it. This seafood is very finicky with time and needs some special care and attention when cooking it.

Apparently 6 ounces of cleaned calamari = 1 standard serving.

Our Calamari is packaged neatly into 500g which should be about 2-3 servings.

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