Fresh Tuna Belly | +- 800g

Fresh Tuna Belly | +- 800g


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The tuna belly, also known as the toro, a Japanese term, and delicacy. The Toro is actually more expensive than the rest of the body of the yellowfin tuna. It is a very fatty part of the body being the belly and is delicious if seared or cooked on the braai. It holds a lot of moisture, therefore, leaving a very juicy and succulent taste for the tastebuds and not dry out quickly when cooking.

Each portion is 700-800g and vacuum-packed fresh ready for delivery.


Our yellowfin tuna belly is listed as green on the SASSI list.


R50.00 for all areas mentioned on the delivery page.

  • Fresh – Our fish is fresh.
  • Local – Locally caught.
  • Sustainable Fishing – Caught using ethical fishing practices: pole-caught or using one line and one hook.
  • We Deliver – Please note our delivery charges at checkout..


This tuna belly is from the yellowfin tuna which is caught locally off the south Atlantic. The fishing method used is very sustainable, using one line and one hook or the poling method resulting in little to no bycatch.


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