As South Africans, we have a unique relationship with food. We’re either being told that certain delicacies are unsustainable or we’re being told to enjoy our cultural heritage like bokkoms, fishcakes, a snoek braai, or pickled fish.

However, we can still enjoy our local seafood in a way that doesn’t harm the environment, is readily available, and is equally delicious! Here are some of our favourites.


The local snoek fishery in South Africa is very well maintained and managed and constant research is constantly being done to ensure it remains sustainable. There’s no need to feel guilty when you reach for snoek for your next braai!


Line-caught yellowtail represents the best of both worlds – it’s a delicious fish and happens to be resilient to fishing pressures in our country. They give fishermen a challenging time but provide a meal that everyone can enjoy.


With so many mussels being readily available in South Africa, we say dig in! Our mussels are farmed along the West Coast and offer jobs to local fishermen while offering you a scrumptious dish.


A true South African staple! From grilled with lemon and butter to pickled hake or in a curry, hake is one of the most sustainable fish you can indulge in.

What to avoid?

Now that you know what you can enjoy, where do you look to what to avoid? The easiest way is to purchase from a trusted source like Go Fish’n Online, ask us questions, or visit the SASSI list for the latest on which fish species to avoid: