Fresh, bright, ideal for summertime, and packed with flavour, ceviche is the underrated summer meal you didn’t know you needed to try! Ceviche is raw fish marinated in acid like lemon or lime juice and then fused with other flavours like chilli, spring onions, cilantro, and sesame seeds. Ceviche won’t have the same texture as cooked fish, but leaving it too long can take away that bright colour that makes it what it is!

Ceviche is incredibly easy to prepare, but there are some common mistakes to avoid when taking on this delicious dish.

Food Poisoning

Because the main ingredient in ceviche is raw fish, it’s vital to ensure that you choose fresh and high-quality fish. Don’t skimp on the quality, rather opt for sushi-grade fish. Even better if it’s locally caught too. Avoid freshwater fish as they can contain parasites and go for those like salmon and tuna. These are available directly via Go Fish’n Online with same or next day delivery options.

Wash your hands before preparing your fish. Your hands have bacteria and the last thing you want is to spread it to the fish. It’s also wise to ensure your cutting board and knives have been washed before diving in, and keep your fish cold. You could even go as far as to keep your fish in a bowl filled with ice.

Don’t squeeze too hard

After the fish, what makes ceviche what it is, is the acid. You might be tempted to squeeze every last bit out of your lemons or limes, but this is the worst thing you can do! This could cause your ceviche to end up with a bitter taste. Always use fresh and ripe lemons and limes and trust us when we say – One squeeze is all you need!

Watch your marinating times

The longer your fish marinates, the more it cooks. This will result in fish with a firmer texture and more opaque colour. The exact amount you decide to marinate your fish depends on your taste, but we recommend 15 – 20 minutes, in the fridge, to let the flavours fuse, giving it a few quick stir to coat the fish in the marinade.

Check your slicing

Being deliberate and precise is key when slicing your beautiful fish. Go against the grain of the muscle so you get a gentle bite when enjoying your ceviche.

Taste the marinade

If you’re new to making ceviche, tasting is the best way to ensure your flavours are to your liking. Taste it before adding your fish and ensure you like it, if you do, taste it again 5 minutes after adding your fish to ensure the seasoning is perfect.

A basic ceviche recipe includes lemon, lime, and orange juices, sliced red onion, jalapenos, chopped cilantro, a little tomato sauce (for sweetness and to bind the marinade), salt, pepper, and your choice of fish. With such a simple dish like ceviche, using fresh and proper ingredients is vital. After all, sometimes the simpler dishes are the easiest to mess up!